Spartan Fuel - Collagen Protein
Spartan Fuel - Collagen Protein Spartan Fuel - Collagen Protein
$ 39.95

We Ingest Our Collagen, Not Inject It

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. Taking hydrolyzed collagen protein daily will help to promote youthful skin, healthy bones, nails, hair, muscles and joints; helping to keep your body functioning at it's optimal level. 

Hot or Cold - Crank it Up! 

Unlike other proteins, collagen protein is stable at higher temperatures which means you can add it to any hot or cold drink, soup or saucy meal. We like to crank up our Coffee!

Just add 1-2 scoops to at least 4oz of our Organic Cold Brew, or hot brewed coffee made from our Organic Whole Beans, shake, stir or blend.

Helping Little Spartans

We pride ourselves on living active, healthy lives and strive to inspire the youth of today to do the same. As with all of our products we donate 2% of every bag sold to Spartan Kids Foundation.