Our Mission

To help Americans adopt healthier habits with respect to how they consume coffee.










Our Story

Crank and Grind was founded June 2013 in the iconic surf town of Dana Point, California. Located inside of a bicycle retailer named Bike Religion, and influenced by our Aussie owned and operated culture, we soon became the local "it" spot for the best coffee, talented and friendly barista staff and a business that knew how to cater to an active health conscious individual.

Serving creative and tasty menu items like our "Cranked-up Americano", "Banana Grinder" or our nutritional twist on "Avocado Toast" were daily hits with our active community of surfers, cyclists, cross-fitters, and yogi's. Educating our customers about the health benefits of many of our menu items also became priority.


In 2018, the evolution of the business model grew out of a brick and mortar location in the surf town of Dana Point purposefully to an online platform where the messaging and products could reach and be shared with the masses. 

Like all good things, through obstacles, perseverance and our unwillingness to give up on our mission has forged our initial theory through battle testing; our vision of merging quality coffee to an active healthy lifestyle is sound and we set out every day to create new strategies and a platform that would enable us to deliver the same quality coffee and healthy "Cranked-up" experiences, not just to the fastidious coffee locals, but that would open us up to the rest of America as well.

We are proud of the growth of Crank and Grind and we remain committed to providing you with coffee and nutritional products procured from the highest quality and reputable sources to contribute to your long term health and wellness because like us, we want you to be cranking and grinding for many years to come.


CEO/Founder - Karen O'Connell