Culture - “the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group”

…………whether you are a coffee or bicycling enthusiast, “Aussie” ….or Aussie enthusiast, at Crank and Grind we embrace community and cultivate it’s culture. Our coffee is served to you daily by our very own artists we call Barista’s who embrace the challenge of serving you your espresso beverage of choice with the most intricate designs.

We love supporting local artists and musicians too and use our shop, events, and gallery walls to display their talents and hopefully generate a sale to not only contribute to the artist themselves but create another avenue of our business that we can give back to our favorite charities like the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Contact us if you are interested in selling or displaying your artwork at Crank and Grind.

Sapphire Road


Crank and Grind Artwork
Local Artist Chris Justice