Coffee snobs......yes we are” that’s why we choose coffee that is organic, fair trade and locally roasted by “Kean Coffee”, owned and operated by Martin Dietrich. Martin and his family have lived and breathed coffee for generations. Martin’s expertise, dedication and true passion for coffee are evident in the quality of the beans he produces time and time again. He is truly an internationally recognizable coffee expert having received the Specialty Coffee Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005......and if you are ever fortunate enough to meet Martin in person, he has a wealth of knowledge he so willingly parts.

The beans are sourced from around the globe and you’ll be sure to find different origins each time you visit our store. Whether you are a regular drip kind of coffee drinker or indulge in a more sophisticated pour over, you will not be robbed of smoothness and taste. We pride ourselves and personally favor our espresso drinks, with our 8oz double crank Cappuccino being the signature Crank and Grind staple and a favorite amongst our coffee connoisseurs.

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