Coffee snobs……yes we are

That’s why we choose coffee that is organic, fair trade and roasted by the best roasters from around the country and we will continue to hunt down and source roasters that are at the top of their game. Complacency is not an option for us.

We want you to truly experience the best coffee, which means a smooth flavor profile that leaves no after taste and that doesn’t require a bunch of sugar or flavored syrups because to be quite frank, if coffee is harvested, roasted, stored and prepared correctly by a talented Barista… don’t need it!



We love “Kean Coffee” because they are local to us, believed in our passion and supported us from launch. Kean Coffee is owned and operated by Martin Dietrich. Martin and his family have lived and breathed coffee for generations. Martin’s expertise, dedication and true passion for coffee are evident in the quality of the beans he produces time and time again.

He is truly an internationally recognizable coffee expert having received the Specialty Coffee Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005……and if you are ever fortunate enough to meet Martin in person, he has a wealth of knowledge he so willingly parts. We especially love Kean Coffee’s cold brew…..a hit on a hot summer day, of which we get a lot in So Cal.


Madcap Coffee Company

Another hot favorite of ours is “Madcap” – and yes we are mad about this beauty…pun intended! It is sourced from across the country in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When it comes to coffee these guys get it right!!....end to end, from the sourcing of the beans from around the globe, to the roasting and branding.

We love their single origins served up as a cortado or cappuccino, Australian style of course! With flavor profiles that resonate with us, Madcap are a natural fit! We hope you get as excited as we do when you taste their beans.




When it comes to tea, we are equally discerning and we chose “The Tao of Tea” Loose Leaf tea’s because of the high quality and fair trade practices the company from Oregon adopts in its’ sourcing of leaf that is pure, clean and clear. They claim that the unadulterated leaf has the capacity to provide an experience which has inspired many artists, musicians, philosophers and monks…..a premise that resonates with Crank and Grind at a core level.

Did you know that less than 5% of all tea made in the world comprises the 'orthodox' or full leaf style of processing, and few areas remain where 'old-style' hand processing is still practiced from tea plants that grow wild or those that have been preserved for centuries. “The Tao of Tea” works primarily with tea growers that practice this true art of tea making and that’s why we love their tea and you can rest assure each varietal showcases a flavor profile to match their philosophies.



Stop by Crank and Grind on a weekend and you’ll be sure to see multiple groups of cyclists recovering from their rides and sipping on our infamous Banana Grinder and Chocolate/PB Grinders. Not only are they addictive, they are a perfect post workout shake. Try them cranked up too by adding a shot of espresso.



We love our Little Crankers and created a menu that is also kid friendly. We believe in only serving drinks and treats that are made with whole ingredients and not calorie loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, syrups or dyes…..try our Banana Smoothie made with fresh banana, milk of choice, a little ice-cream, honey and nutmeg…Yum!