“Aussies” appreciate “great coffee” and when we say coffee, we mean “great espresso” not milkshake containers of a drip filtered brew with flavorings and sugary syrups served in cups with peculiar names like “Grande” or “Venti” Coffee Snobs – yes, we are!.....and we have good reason to be.

 Having arrived in California in 2001, and playing an integral role in launching a Australian Telecommunications company, I struggled to find good coffee shops that knew how to serve espresso drinks the way I was use to…..and that certainly didn’t require consuming a mint directly after.

After many years of frustration, I had the opportunity to partner with 3 other Aussies to open our very own coffee shop inside a bicycle retail chain named Bike Religion, to which I was also a founding partner.

The Bicycle retailer that occupied the space prior to Bike Religion had an espresso bar inside the shop, but when you have a bicycle service guy making your coffee…..well, let’s just say, it didn’t quite cut it!

To Aussie’s, Cycling and coffee was not a foreign concept   so we seized the opportunity to create an entirely different business, found a fantastic local roaster named Martin Dietrich whose family have lived and breathed coffee for generations, and on June 8, 2013 we proudly opened Crank and Grind. As much as I loved to ride bikes, selling and servicing bikes was not my passion, but coffee…..absolutely!! Less than a year in, I decided to sell out of my share of the bicycle business and acquire my partners’ shares in Crank and Grind to become the sole proprietor.



My vision for Crank and Grind was to build a premium coffee shop, introduce American’s to a little of the Aussie coffee culture one “crank” (pun intended) at a time.

“I believe in building relationships with our customers”

Our Baristas get to know you by name and your coffee of choice. We want you to enjoy the personal connection. We also want you to become part of our community, meet your friends, sit down chat and ultimately savor the experience.



We will serve your coffee with love and the best intentions because we are passionate about what we serve you every day.

Being the health nut that I am, I also wanted to ensure that everything we serve at Crank and Grind comes from whole foods and premium sources…..free from dyes, colors, artificial additives and crazy preservatives. Our baked goods are also sourced from local bakers who adopt similar philosophies…..you might even find a few peculiar names yourself worth sampling. ;)

Come say G’Day!

- Karen O’Connell (Founder/Sole Proprietor)